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Randi Kopf is the founding and principal attorney of Kopf HealthLaw, LLC, a general health law and e-health practice. Ms. Kopf has over 30 years of professional experience and serves as general and special health counsel for individual physicians, nurses, medical groups, national and regional medical and allied health associations and other health care related professionals and entities locally and across the country. Her practice assists clients with corporate matters such as incorporation, practice structuring, medical practice acquisition and sale, employee agreements and employment related matters, e-health practice matters (practicality, compliance, security issues, websites, virtual practice), healthcare technology contracts (EHR, eRx & vendors), managed care contracting and negotiations.
Randi Kopf provides legal advice pertaining to all aspects of the business of running a medical practice. She represents both employers and employees, individual practitioners, group practices and professional associations. Ms. Kopf provides advice to professionals first starting out in practice, those in transition, as well as, health care providers who have been in practice many years or may want to bring on new practitioners as an exit strategy. Her dedication as an advocate for physicians, nurses and those providing health care services is reflected in her client centered perspective and individualized legal advice.
Kopf HealthLaw monitors and evaluates Federal and State healthcare legislation and its impact on the health care provider. Ms. Kopf provides advice regarding regulatory and legislative matters, the new Health Care Reform legislation (the Affordable Care Act, 2010) practice Compliance, Privacy and Security plans, the application of federal and state legislation, fraud and abuse issues, HIPAA, Stark, Medicare and health insurance matters. Today, a medical or health care practitioner must consider the application and compliance with these laws in their practice.
Randi Kopf has unique and extensive experience in the practice is of e-health care. This practice area involves the expanding and evolving use of the virtual practice of healthcare, technology and digital equipment in the healthcare practice. As Kopf HealthLaw, LLC has been a virtual law practice since 1994, one of the first 14 attorneys in the state of Maryland to have a website, Ms. Kopf has personal experience with computers, software and digital equipment legally and for healthcare use. Her particular health care background, general health law legal practice and virtual law practice has allowed Ms. Kopf a distinct perspective on these matters.
As the practice of health care, like law, joined the electronics communication age, the legal issues connected with the practice of medicine online and with technology in the health care setting her work with e-health matters has greatly expanded. She is a frequent speaker and consultant regarding the development and legal review of national and individual professional websites concerning the compliance with professional guidelines and state and federal law compliance.
Before establishing the Kopf HealthLaw, LLC, Ms. Kopf was an attorney in the Health Law practice group of Nixon, Hargrave, Devans & Doyle, one of the largest health law firms in the United States. She also served as a legal intern at the Office of the General Counsel at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).